Hi, and welcome to CHEER FIZZ. We are a Colorado based company devoted to making cheer an amazing energetic sport in every way we can. We started as an idea by a young cheerleader in a small cheer gym and then grew into a company as time progressed. CHEER FIZZ has become a revolutionary product that has helped individuals conquer mental blocks and muscle fatigue while on the mat. Developed overcome the stress of practice, CHEER FIZZ is now the top of the line energy supplement for cheerleaders. Also because you visited us here on our About Us page we will give you a hidden discount code, we will occasionally hide discount codes on our website, facebook, or instagram page. The Hidden Discount Code Of The Week : cheerme1

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CHEER FIZZ is committed to giving back to the community, so for every order of CHEER FIZZ, we will donate $5.00 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and help young cheerleaders and athletes alike. We are devoted to serving our society for the better and hope that you are too. Thank You!